My early years were defined by my deep love and devotion to horses, art and fitness.  If I wasn't riding and showing my horses I was painting and drawing them.  I continued on my path by studying and earning my degree in Graphic Design in 1985, and for the next 25 years I honed my skills with this medium.  In my desire to expand and grow as an artist I picked up my first camera 2007.  My initial pictures consisted mainly of landscapes and architecture.  I then moved on to portraiture photography; little did I know how moved I would be when I began taking pictures of the human form.

I work to satisfy an inner need to portray beauty as I sense and see it, while at the same time presenting it to the world in a way that elicits similar enchantment and inspiration.I use my background as a graphic designer to approach my photography in a creative, unique and artistic manner; this process of creating is euphoric to me in a way that words cannot fully explain.  The more I explore life through photography, the more I want to share and expose the true exquisiteness of the human form and the world around us.  The spirit within me feels compelled to record these moments in time so they are forever recorded.  I look forward with grace and gratitude to the future and my journey as a photographer and artist.